PATCH 10.23.2009 HERE

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PATCH 10.23.2009 HERE

Postby pushBAK on Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:05 am

some mirrors (more added as they pop up):

SERVER ADMINS!!... small server patch (correct maplist and mapcycle)
Join #ntservers on gamesurge IRC for more info. FILESHACK


* Added map nt_dusk_ctg.
* Added map nt_oilstain_ctg.
* Added map nt_pissalley_ctg.
* Added map nt_redlight_ctg.
* Added map nt_threadplate_ctg.
* Added map nt_vtol_ctg.
* Added map nt_bullet_tdm.
* Map changes to nt_engage_ctg.
* Map changes to nt_ghost_ctg.
* Map changes to nt_isolation_ctg.
* Map changes to nt_rise_ctg.
* Map changes to nt_subsurface_ctg.
* Map changes to nt_tarmac_ctg.
* Fixed various map exploits.
* Fixed various bugs and errors.
* Load outs Rearranged.
* SRS has increased Zoom-in, Slower RoF.
* MPN is now silenced.
* Removed M41l.
* Added M41S.
* Murata Shotgun RoF increase
* Milso is now silenced.
* Various Weapons were rebalanced.
* Increased chat lines, 18 from 6, and increased time chat stays.
* In chat, people who are dead have a [DEAD] prefix.
* Fixed erroneous enemy beacons in ghost scan.
* Weapons are now lowered when on ladders.
* Squad mates distance is now displayed in crosshair-over context.
* Team icons are now over heads and opacity increased for non-squad mate icons - squad mate icons are bigger.
* Fixed bullet damage/penetration bug.
* Grenades and detpacks no longer collide with players (fixes issue where you could place a det pack in a player to immobilize them).
* Removed "unconnected" from death notifications.
* Moved squad keys to F5-F10 and added "slot" commands for server plugin support.
* Add round start/end events for server plugin support.
* Teams locked to 16 players max.
* Changed team kill/grief punish to 1 minute ban and kick.
* Added neo_teamkill_punish cvar.
* Added neo_ competitive commands.
* Knife exploit fixed.
* Assault and Support classes can no longer bunny hop speed exploit.
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Re: PATCH 10.23.2009 HERE

Postby MAJORMAV on Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:07 am

Downlooooooading nowwwwwww........... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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Update: Patch installed like a breeze (Windows Vista Ultimate 32 Bit ) - I'm gonna try out some new maps !!
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