Looooove the game, but I have some questions (Lore, etc...)

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Looooove the game, but I have some questions (Lore, etc...)

Postby pikmintaro on Fri May 10, 2013 9:03 am

So this is one of my favorite FPSes I have played, I love Ghost in the Shell also so that helps a lot, but I have some questions about the game!

I know the story in the game, but I would like to know some of the lore also! it really helps my enjoy the game more!
First off, what exactly are the Ghosts in the game? I know they look like the top half of a female android, but what are they? at first I thought it was like Ghost in the Shell and there was a spirit or something stuck in them (I've read the manga a lot, watched the movies, and watched the anime, but I'm still not sure if "Ghost" in the series means a soul, or just the ability to think or what.) but I don't know, are they called Ghosts because they are white, and can detect the people on the other team?

Next what are the Tachikomalike tanks called in the game? I know they were called Fuchikoma in the manga, and Uchikoma's in Solid State Society, do they have a similar name in this game?

Now for my other questions about the game, first of all I want to know the genders of these two characters.


They sort of look like females, but at the same time they look really strange to me, to be honest the first one almost looks like she has the face of a monkey (Is she related to Aramaki?) the other character's genders are easy to tell (Although the ones where you can only see the nose sticking out, which is pretty funny to me, might be male or female, although they look more male because of their body.), but if these two are female... it's not that they are ugly or badly designed, but there is just something strange about them to me :shock:

Next the soundtrack... it's absolutely awesome, but does it actually play anywhere in the game? every time I play the maps seem to be pretty silent, so I don't know.

Thanks for any information! I'm not sure if anybody frequents these boards much, but I really enjoy the game (When I can find other people playing.) and I'm really hoping it grows and gets a lot more attention.
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Re: Looooove the game, but I have some questions (Lore, etc...)

Postby pushBAK on Thu May 16, 2013 7:47 am

hey pikmintaro,

The ghost in NEOTOKYO is a sentient AI which both the JINRAI and IMNSF want to deny the other side from having. The JINRAI need the ghost because it knows the "kill codes" to disable modern military equipment that would be used to stop the coup they are attempting. (They have slowly amassed 20+ year old mothballed earlier technology that was manufactured years before kill codes were implemented in the modern GSDF forces.)

for instance in the map SUBSURFACE you can see this mothballed LIGHT MOBILE ARMOR SUIT (LMAS)



Sooooooooooo the side that captures the ghost holds the key to the success of the coup d'etat planned by SOG 43, a rogue nationalist element within the JINRAI. The ghost is essentially shorthand for something like the puppet master from GITS. But NEOTOKYO takes place many many years before GITS.

The TACHI's in our game are called HACHIKOMAS because HACHI is the number 8 in japanese I think.. and we are STUDIO RADI-8 founded by our M.I.A. coder GREY, maybe K.I.A. at this point, no one knows.. :)

As far as the female recons.. well the back story is that they are in the early days of military grade chassis for cyborg soldiers, so what you are seeing is the result of "doing the best they can" as they attempt to make human-analogous shells. And although "female" they have smallish bust size to keep combat flexible (extraneous body parts not in the way).

But the reality is that we started this mod back in 2004 and none of us were very good at making game models and so that was "the best we could do" back then.. and we've never re-visited the player models the way we did the weapons and whatnot.. :)

Yes the soundtrack is probably the best thing to come from NEOTOKYO.. long after we are dead and forgotten I suspect the music will live on.. much like MOTOKO KUSANAGI!

I played NT last night on a full server, and there is NT FRIDAYS.. so it's not impossible to play NT these days, but it does take a bit of good timing when others are in the mood... but honestly yeah you may have missed the hey day. Sorry about that.. we were inches away from a steam release after getting greenlit... but now it sits in a void, the outcome unknown.
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Re: Looooove the game, but I have some questions (Lore, etc...)

Postby pikmintaro on Fri May 17, 2013 6:48 am

Oh wow thanks for replying! it's sad to hear what happened with the game, but I hope it goes well for you guys.

I have ooone more question, on the Ghost CTG map are they making a lot of those Ghosts? or is the "Ghost" specifically the A.I. and the android torsos have nothing to do with it?

Anyways I hope the game gets on Steam eventually, it seems like a pretty sad story with what happened to the game.
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Re: Looooove the game, but I have some questions (Lore, etc...)

Postby MrUnimport on Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:12 am

Ha, oh wow. I really love NT's setting and aesthetic and I hope that one day, however many years down the line, you return to it some day. Although at that point it might be more like "alternate history" than "near-future"!

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Re: Looooove the game, but I have some questions (Lore, etc...)

Postby pikmintaro on Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:34 am

Coming back it looks like the game is finally on Steam which makes me very happy, and now I can get into a game at pretty much any time of the day, I suck pretty badly at it, but the game is a lot of fun, and I love Cyberpunk, and Ghost in the Shell so I don't mind.

Anyways now that this has happened I hope the game lives on for many years to come.
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